A downloadable bootleg for Windows

Game for GMTK Jam 2019, themed "only one".

It's Christmas 199X; a boy named Mark Brown asks his mum to buy him a game with "only one". But she doesn't really know anything about games, so she ends up buying this.

A Warioware-style collection of minigames, all themed around the "only one" pitch, all in glorious bootleg style.

(Note: the fish is actually in the game)

This game ranked 60th overall at the GMTK Jam 2019 (which had over 2600 entries), and 43rd in the "originality" category. This was an unexpected but welcome result, a big thank you to everyone who played and rated this game!

Install instructions

Epic gamer tip: play this on the lowest resolution possible. Also we fricced up so if you lose you have to restart the game before playing again. Your score is in the top left corner, your lives are in the top right corner.


HelloLuke_11GamesInOne_0.1.11.zip 30 MB

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